Tere Lahoo Mein Vo Taakat Hai

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Tere Lahoo Mein Vo Taakat Hai
Tere Lahoo Mein Vo Quwat Hai
Tera Lahoo Hi Deta Najat
Tere Lahoo Mein Hi Saamarth Hai

Tere Lahoo Mein Quwat Hai
Tere Lahoo Mein Qudrat Hai

1. Zindagi Pappi Ki Lahoo Se Badley
Khushiya Jivan Mein Laaye
Yeshu Kaa Vo Lahoo Jo Keemti
Har Dil Mein Hai Sakoon Laaye

2. Tareefe Masiha Qadoos Ki
Oonchi Aawaz Se Hum Gaayein
Qurbaan Huye Us Ibne Khuda Ko
Mubarak Kehte Hum Jaaye



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