Maine kabhi jana nahi

Deal Score+3
Deal Score+3

Maine kabhi jana nahi
Maine kabhi socha nahi
Ki aisa pyar tuney,mujse..Kiya

Zamana Ruk jayega
Waqt bhi tham jayega
Par tera pyar hai sada …… Mere liye — 2

Meri chahat
Se bada hai tu
Meri Dil mein
Tu hai basa —- 2 tyms

Maine kabhi…….

Tere pyar se bharde
Ruhuh meri
Tera aaneyse mila
Sukoon Naya
Tera pyar hai meri.. zindagi
Teri khus bu se meheki … Ye zameen

Yeshua mera
Aashra hai tu
Juda hu tuj hse
Innayat hai tu

Yeshua mera
Rasta hai tu
Tujme main chaloon
Sahara hai tu

Maine kabhi jaana nahi…
Maine kabhi socha Nahi

I never knew
I never thought
That you did this love to me
The World will stop
The time will stop
But your love is always for me

You are greater than my desire
You dwell in my heart.
You are greater than my desire
You dwell in my heart.

Fill my spirit by your love
I have peace in my life as you came in
Your love is my Life
This earth smells of your fragrance.

Yeshua you are my Hope,
You are my favor & I am tied with you
Yeshua you are my way
You are my helper, may I walk in you

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