LET US LOVE- Had I faith to move a mighty mountain

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Had I faith to move a mighty mountain
And speak in angels’ tongues
Had I gifts to sermonize a thousand
Or be rich enough to feed a million
Does it profit if I had no Love?

Love is pure, Love is gentle
Love is kind, is patient
Love is caring, forgiving
Love is modest and divine
This world will know, when Love we show
That we belong to God
When we Love as we’ve been Loved(2)

Don’t we feel the deepest of pain
When friends and loved ones’ break?
Wedding vows forgotten for selfish reasons
We judge and hurt fellow beings
‘Cause love in us is fading
Is life worth living without love?

This world is changing each moment,
And people aren’t the same
There are wars and crimes ‘cause of hatred,
More love for money and fame
We see children crying, on streets many dying…
…Aren’t we obliged to show some care?
As Love (Jesus) who has called us His friends…

No greater Love than to die for a friend,
No greater command than to Love God and neighbour
We’ve freely got, let’s freely give,
God’s Love poured in our hearts… Let us Love.

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