So here it is my alabaster heart

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Verse 1
So here it is, my alabaster heart
I’m keeping nothing back from who You are
No hidden treasure veiled by key or lock
You’re a lifetime worth of worship
And that’s only just the start

Verse 2
Here it is, my every waking day
The minutes, hours, the years of endless praise
‘Cause You’re worthy far beyond all I could say
There’s a lifetime worth of worship
In the nuance of Your names

Let it rise like incense
My whole life a fragrance
Every ounce here broken at Your feet
Every breath an offering
My heart cries these lungs sing
Over You, my worthy King of Kings

Verse 3
There it is, Your alabaster cross
Giving all You are for all I’m not
I can’t believe that’s the kind of King You are
How could I not bring a lifetime worth of worship to You God

All my love
All my love
All my love
You can have it all

All my heart
All my soul
All I own
You can have it all

Kalley Heiligenthal / Benjamin Hastings

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