Doothanamar Paadum Pattin Eenam kettu song lyrics

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Deal Score+3

Doothanamar Paadum Pattin Eenam kettu..
Avar padum pattinulloru thalam kettu..(2)
Paadam paadam paadam namukkumaa gaanam..
Aadaam aadaam aadaam namukkumaa thalam..
Daivasudhan Innu… Bethlahemil
Pirannathin sandhesham kett
Aadam Padam Aadipaadi paadi pokam..
(Doothanmar Paadum pattin)

Akale mukalil vanaveedhiyil doothanmar aninirakkunnu..
Swargeeya sainyavum malakhamarum onnayi chernnorungunnu..
Thappum Thalavum kotti (oh oh ohh..)
Thalathil avar padunnu (oh oh ohh..)
Ponnoda kuzhalukal meetti ( oh oh ohh..)
Sruthi avar cherkkunnu…
Padende nam avarodoppam..
Padendatho nammal alle….
(Dhoothanmar padum pattin)

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