Yeshu ne janam liya Uddhar kartha ke roop main

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Yeshu ne janam liya
Uddhar kartha ke roop main
Jesus was born as a form of deliverance

Usne shakthi diya
He gave power
Usne mukthi diya
He gave liberation
Usne shanthi diya humko
He gave peace to us

Yeshu ne jab janam liya
When Jesus was born
Log gane lagain
People started singing
Gane lagain log
They sang
Gane lagain
They sang
Aur bajane lagain
And started playing music

Yeshu ne…….
Usne shakthi diya……

Yeshu ne aapna Jeevan diya Hamare liye
Jesus gave his life for us
Yeshu ne muki Humko diya
Jesus gave us liberation
Swarg Jane ke liye
For going heaven

Yeshu ne……
Usne shakthi diya……

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