Jesus My Treasure – Riches beyond all measure Lyrics

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Jesus, My Treasure (Lyrics)

Verse 1:

Riches beyond all measure – could never satisfy my heart.
Even the greatest pleasure – only gratifies in part
All that this world can offer – could never compare to all you are
You are my greatest treasure, the desire of my heart

Verse 2:

Veiling my imperfection – covering blemishes and stains
Seeking this worlds affection- an empty pursuit it’s all in vain
Jesus you know and love me – I’m precious because you say I am
Your scars rewrote my life story – a mercy I’ll never understand


Whatever it costs me
I give it up freely
Whatever you ask me
I gladly release
All that I have is
Yours to begin with
Lord I surrender
I give you my heart
Jesus my treasure
You are enough for me


My life, every breath
My plans, every step
Now til’ I see your face
I’ll follow you
Follow you

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