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Facebook Youtube edhaina kaani

Nee aathmaku melukai vaadukommani

Whatsapp Messenger edhaina kaani

Dhevuni mahimakai vaadukommani

Nee Chevilo Arachi Cheppanaa

Reminderlaa Gurthu Cheyyanaa

Oh anna oh akka oh thambi oh chelli antu request cheyyanaa

Yesayya premanu minchindhemi ledhantu chaati cheppanaa

Monday Tuesday ye rojaina kaani

Dhevuni sannidhini vadhala vadhdhani

Summer Winter edhaina kaani

Dhevuni panikai mundhundaalani

Nee chevilo….

Kopam Aanandham edhaina kaani

Dhevuni premanu maruva vadhdhani

Fever cough and cold edhaina kaani

Dhevuni Sthuthinchadam maanavadhdhani

Nee chevilo….

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