I have never heard You say – What A Friend

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What A Friend:

I’ve never heard You say
What have you done for me lately?
What have you done to earn my grace?

I’ve never heard You speak
Anything but Your love for me
Anything but identity

What a friend I’ve found in You, Jesus
What a friend I’ve found in You
When no one else could keep their promise
I can always count on You

You’ve only made me feel
That I was welcome in Your house
That I was honored and adored

You’ve seen me at my worst
But You’ve never held it against me
You’re running to me when I return

You’ve been my savior
You’ve been my shield
You’ve been my defender on the battlefield

You’ve been my Father
You’ve been my rock
You’ve been my portion
You’re more than enough

You’ve been my shelter
You’ve been my strength
You’ve been my provider again and again

You’ve been my redeemer
And I can’t comprehend
How the God of creation
Would call me His friend

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