Pul koottil Bhujaathan Jenichu

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Pul koottil Bhujaathan Jenichu
Poonthennal Veeshunna Raathry
Santhosathodae paadeedaam
Hallelujah Paadi Uyarthidaam

Happy Christmas
Marry Christmas Gloria

Aananthame Enikkaananthamae
Gnaan Paadi Santhoshikkum
Imba Geetham gnaan Paadidunnu
Ratchagan Jenichallo

Yeshuvea Gnaan Ninne Vaazhalthum
Ennum Vazhalthi Sthuthicheedum
Enrea Paavam Pokkaan Logathil vanna
Yeshuve Ninne Sthuthikkum

Ennullamea Nee Yeshuvinaaye
Ennum Vazhalthi Sthuthikkenamea
Enrea Karthaavea Enrea Yeshuvae
Ennae Gnaan Thannidunnithaa

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